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【General Introduction】
Zhuhai is a city on the southern coast of Guangdong province in the People's Republic of China. Located in the Pearl River Delta, Zhuhai borders Jiangmen to the northwest, Zhongshan to the north, and Macau to the south. Zhuhai is one of the five special economic zones in China. It faces Hong Kong in the east across the sea and joins Macau in the south. Also, it is close to many other cities in Guangdong Province.


The earliest human settlement in Zhuhai can be traced back five thousand years ago. Zhuhai is one of the starting points of the Ancient Maritime Silk Road. Wenshun Township, established in the Tang Dynasty , was the earliest administrative body governing Xiangshan area which included the present Zhuhai, Zhongshan and Macau. Xiangshan Township was formed in the Song Dynasty on account of flourishing salt industry. Xiangshan County, administered by Guangzhou Prefecture, remained through the Yuan , Ming and Qing Dynasties. Zhuhai County was established in 1953 and was promoted to Zhuhai Municipality in 1979. Special Economic Zone was founded officially in 1980.


The Zhuhai Declaration issued by the World Economic Development Declaration Conference was made public in Zhuhai in 2003. Among the World Top 500 Enterprises, over 30 of them have investment projects in Zhuhai. Zhuhai has initially formed an economic pattern featuring leading industries such as electric mechanic manufacturing, electronics and telecommunication equipment manufacturing, pharmaceutical, petrochemical and computer software along with a coordinated development of modern agriculture, tourism and service industry.


As a border city, Zhuhai has a total of 8 National Class-I and 7 National Class-II ports of entry. Its Gongbei Port is the second largest landway port of entry in China while Jiuzhou Port is the largest waterway port of entry for passengers. Apart from the advanced Zhuhai International Airport and Zhuhai Port, a major seaport hub in coastal South China, Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway, Guangdong Coastal Expressway and Jiangmen-Zhuhai Expressway also converge in Zhuhai, making it easily accessible.

【Local Specialty】

Doumen Double-shelled Crab, Hengqin Oyster, Baiteng Lotus Root, Wanshan Prawn.


Zhuhai has a complete set of cultural facilities. There are modern Sports Center, TV Center, Radio Broadcast Building and Press Building,, Jiuzhou City Cultural Plaza, Gongbei Port Leisure and Cultural Plaza, Xiangzhou Cultural Plaza, Wanzi Cultural Plaza, Doumen Beach Leisure and Cultural Plaza. There are also community entertainment facilities such as cinemas. The city holds "Zhuhai Quyi Festival" and "Zhuhai Movie Festival" every year with the active participation of the local residents. The community culture, represented by "Plaza Culture", has been a shining piece of view.

Zhuhai is also famous for its hot springs and golf clubs where you can take a break from sightseeing. The consummate tourist reception and service system offers many choices of entertainment as well. Dining and shopping are also pleasant. Western and oriental cultures collide and combine here: an open, colorful, and romantic Zhuhai awaits you.

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