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Yantai City lies in the northeastern part of Shandong peninsula, bordering on the Bohai Sea and the Yellow Sea. It is situated at the foot of the hill and beside the sea with beautiful scenery. There are many interesting places which attract thousands of tourists from all over the world, such as the Penglai Pavilion, the stone Tablet Inscriptions of the North Wei Dynasty on Mt. Yunfen, Changdao Island-the fairy land on the sea, Horse Raising Isle, National Forest Parks, natural preservation areas, provincial tourist and holiday resorts. The graceful islands, fascinating gulf and blue water with golden sands make Yantai one of the tourist sites and summer resorts in northern China. The simple and honest life style, fresh and opening culture, rich tourist resources and colorful touring activities of Yantai will bring you a new sense of recreation.

Yantai's local food is well-known all around China. Local cooks take advantage of area's abundant sea food, vegetables and fruits, creatively crafting tasty dishes. Yantai is also the cradle of wine production in China, housing the largest wine production base in Asia. With its high quality and more than 100-years of history, Zhangyu Red Wine from Yantai is a widely known brand in China and abroad. In 1987, the International Grape and Wine Bureau dubbed Yantai the "International Grape and Wine City."

Natural Resources With mountains guarding the back and seawater right in the front, Yantai abounds in gifts of natural resources and products. It has wide fishing grounds along the coast, more than 900 kilometers of coastline and over 600,000 hectares of shallow waters within 15 meters of isobaths. It abounds with prawns, sea cucumbers, abalones and scallops. It has a large quantities of mineral resources underground, of which over 30 kinds of exploitable ones have been verified to be available such as gold, copper, zinc, lead molybdenum, magnesium, coal, talc, marble, silver, iron and graphite, etc. The reserves of gold and talc take up 1/5 of the country's total respectively, while the reserves of marble rank the second of our country. Yantai is also a major production area of the famous Yantai apple and Shandong big peanut. What's more, Yantai big peanut, with longer growth period, bigger size, and higher content of protein and vitamin, are sold well at the international market, and more than 40 countries and regions is in great demand of it. Products such as tussah silk, Longkou vermicelli, giant cherry and laiyang pear, prawn, sea cucumber, abalone, etc. are well known all over the world.

Yantai Tourism:

Yantai Hill
The Golden Beach Park
Mountain Kunyu
Mushi Demesene
Dings' Former Domicile
Fujian Guildhall
Nanshan Scenic Spot Zone
Huanghai Recreation Center

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